Brain Diseases and Disorders

What to Expect: DaTScan Imaging Procedure
The following presentation was developed for patients by the SNMMI Brain Imaging Outreach Working Group.


The following presentations were recorded at the 2017 SNMMI Patient Education Day in Denver, Colorado.

Alzheimer's Disease:
Caregiver and Patient Perspective
Nancy Litvak and Gary Sindler

The IDEAS Study
James Hendrix

Introduction to PET Imaging
in Alzheimer's Disease
Jon McConathy, MD

What to Expect from Your Neurologist
Jonathan Woodcock, MD



The following presentations were recorded at the 2015 SNMMI Patient Education Day in Baltimore, Maryland

Molecular Imaging of Dementia
Jonathan McConathy, MD

Diagnosing and Managing
Alzheimer's Disease

Paul S. Fishman, MD, PhD



The following presentations were recorded at the 2013 SNMMI Patient Education Day in Vancouver, British Columbia

Patient Perspective:
Life with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease
Jim Mann

How Does Molecular Imaging Work
in the Brain?

Satoshi Minoshima, MD, PhD

What to Expect for Brain Imaging Procedures
Eileen Smith, MBA, CNMT

Diagnosing Dementia
at the University of British Columbia

Ging-Yuek Robin Hsiung, MD, MHSc