Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging Overview

An Introduction to Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging 

Learn how nuclear medicine and molecular imaging work!


What are radiotheranostics for cancer care? 
Presented by the Oncidium Foundation.

Educational Presentations

What Is Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging? (John Sunderland, PhD)
This session, presented at the 2020 SNMMI Patient Education Day (Virtual Edition), includes information on diagnostic applications, therapeutic applications, and radiation safety considerations.


Staying Safe While Getting Better: Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones While Taking Radioactive Drugs
Presented by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


The Nuts and Bolts of Clinical Trials (George Fisher, MD)
This session, recorded at the 2019 SNMMI Patient Education Day in Anaheim, California, includes an introduction/patient perspective from Dorothy McGrath, the Colon Cancer Alliance representative to SNMMI's Patient Advocacy Board.

Understanding Clinical Trials
Emily Bergsland, MD

A Path to Better Treatment and Diagnosis
Henry F. VanBrocklin, PhD

Taking a New Radiotracer to Market
Henry F. VanBrocklin, PhD

The History of Nuclear Medicine
Leonard M. Freeman, MD