Neuroendocrine Tumor Outreach Working Group

Working Group Charges

The NET working group will focus on promoting Molecular Imaging and Radiopharmaceutical therapies in this field, providing updated patient materials for the website and all patient education events, and educating legislators, regulatory officials, and funding bodies about the value of Nuclear Medicine in this disease category.

Working Group Reports 

See Committee on Outreach Reports, Click here.


Working Group Members
Arif Sheikh, MD, ABNM, ABIM, CBNC (Co-Chair)

Amir Aravani, MD (Co-Chair)
Frankis Almaguel, MD, PhD

Lisa Bodei, MD, PhD

Jacek Capala, PhD

Esther Choi, MD

Cathy Sue Cutler, PhD

Ghassan Elias El-Haddad, MD

Jiang He, PhD

Jennifer Kwak, MD

Frank Lin, MD

Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, MD

Josh Mailman, MBA

Yusuf Menda, MD

Rebecca Wong, MB ChB, MSc, FRCP